“Your partner for client contact, administrative and online marketing work”


Social Media and online marketing

We design and execute your online marketing campaign, with full follow-up and reporting. Example: Email campaign, social media design and management (Facebook, Instagram, …)


We take care of your telephone prospecting and your telephone follow-up calls. For example: telephone prospecting and sales; customer satisfaction survey, agenda planning, telephone follow-up, …

Data search

We do the online research for you and following processing and reporting. For example: you are looking for a Bulgarian manufacturer or supplier (eg: wood, metal, machinery, workers, …), we will then be happy to fulfill the ‘bridge-function’ between you and the Bulgarian supplier.

Website design and management

We develop your website, including design, hosting, migration, …. Just provide us with your content and house style and we do the rest!

Administration and data processing

We handle and process various administrative data for you, we work entirely in the ‘cloud’, this can be done through our own CRM system or through your CRM system. For example: invoice processing and follow-up, data files processing …

Other services

We can always discuss your needs without obligation regarding administrative services. For example: translation work Dutch – Bulgarian.


ZephyR Group Ltd. is a team of professionals in customer contact, administrative work and social media and online marketing services.

We do this from Bulgaria, so we can guarantee you very competitive prices.

We are located in the city of Plovdiv (2nd city of Bulgaria), one of the most beautiful cultural heritage cities of Central and Eastern Europe.

We have a Belgian management with a representative office near Ghent and are always available to discuss your wishes and ideas.

Feel free to contact us.

More and more SMEs and independent entrepreneurs entrust us their customer contact and their admin and online marketing work, this way doing we make them more successful!
Can we make you more successful with our service package?


We are constantly looking for motivated teammembers with a passion to live and work in the bustling city of Plovdiv, also known as the ‘cultural pearl’ of Central and Eastern Europe.

Requested skills:

• Dutch and/or French speaking with good English knowledge; or Bulgarian speaking with good English knowledge
• Work experience in a client-contact centre and/or related work experience with various administrative tasks; knowledge of social media and online marketing skills is an add-on
• Have a customer-oriented thinking ability
• Good social and oral skills
• Practical knowledge of MS Office (Word, Excel, …)
• Passion and interest to work and to live in Plovdiv.

Send us your resume with motivation letter to: info@zephyrgroup.biz






Partners: www.bgadvise.eu 

ZephyR Group EOOD:

`Legis Center`Blvd 6 Septemvri 152

4000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria

+32 478 23 45 13




Info about  Plovdiv: 

– http://plovdiv2019.eu/en/ (Plovdiv, European capital of Culture 2019)

– http://www.visitplovdiv.com/

– http://www.fair.bg

Representation office Belgium:

Regus Office Center,

G. Crommenlaan 4, 9050 Gent, Belgium

+32 478 23 45 13